I’m a big fan of ASUS for their routers and have two of them at home, an RC-AC3100 which is an amazing gigabit router and a RT-AC66 (their first AC router). Last night I got a firmware update for the 3100 and saw the new AIMesh feature.¬† AIMesh is similar to what Google is doing with their Mesh routers however the big thing is you don’t have to buy a while new setup since AIMesh works with some older ASUS routers as well. Here is a nice article from Gizmodo that talks about AI Mesh as well.

My main router is upstairs and I currently use the second AC66 as a media bridge in my studio downstairs to get wired internet to my DAW. This setup has worked flawlessly with a gigabit internet connection, and since both are AC routers I get about 600 mbps throughput between the two which is pretty amazing.

I’m very curious how this would perform as a mesh. I need to find out if the AC66 could still deliver a wired connection despite it being a mesh node. Still learning about this…

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