Configuring the ACT MIDI Controller Plug-in

Setting up Active Controller Technology (ACT) with your software through the ACT MIDI Controller plug-in requires 6 basic steps. This tip will take you through 6 essential steps:

– Enabling the correct MIDI input driver for your controller/surface.

– Enabling the ACT MIDI Controller plug-in in the Controllers/Surfaces dialog.

– Loading the correct preset in the control panel of your hardware controller/surface.

– Opening the ACT MIDI Controller property page, selecting the name of your controller/surface in the Presets window, and enabling the Active Controller Technology Enable button.

– This step is optional if your controller/surface has a preset in the ACT MIDI Controller property page (not optional if your controller/ surface doesn’t have a preset): Mapping knobs and sliders on your controller/surface to cells in the ACT MIDI Controller property page.

– Optional: Mapping the cells in the ACT MIDI Controller property page to various parameters in your effect and synth plug-ins.

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One Reply to “Configuring the ACT MIDI Controller Plug-in”

  1. MORE CELLS! MORE BANKS! Many controls are missing — NOT ENOUGH…
    PSYN II: Only “OSCillator” controls and Filters are present. But I need EG’s (1-4,Amp) controls (Delay, Attack, Decay, Sustain, Slope, Release, Amount, Destination Depth 1 and 2 and other).
    VELOCITY: more than half controls are beyond 4×20 cells (2 rows and right half of 3rd row)
    P.S. Sample Tune, Bits, etc. unsupports DXi Automation, sad.

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