Artist Impression: Joe Stokes Talks Post Production with V-Studio 700

Joe Stokes specializes in Post Production Sound and Video Editing. He worked for several years in theater as a production manager, in corporate television as a producer and later as a visual effects production manager for POP on films such as Independence Day, What Dreams May Come, and Star Trek: First Contact.

He is the founder of Stokes Audio, Recording & Post located in Tarzana, CA. Recently, Cakewalk’s Steve Thomas visited Stokes’ studio with the SONAR V-Studio 700 music production system. Joe shares some of his favorite features and a few production tips & tricks:

V-Studio 100 Featured In Keep Me Conscious' Music Video

A few weeks ago, SONAR users Keep Me Conscious shot a video with Producer Dave Brickley for their single, ‘Thicker Than Blood.’ Cakewalk’s Artist Relations Manager Jimmy Landry got a chance to get behind the scenes and watch the V-Studio 100 get infused into their video. Keep Me Conscious is a commercial rock band from the Boston area, currently touring nationally.

Watch highlights from the making of the ‘Thicker Than Blood’ music video below:

InfoComm 2009: Live Sound Engineers Love V-Studio 700 & REAC Recording Systems

Welcome to hot and rainy Orlando, Florida! Rich Curtis here, alongside Roland Systems Group at InfoComm 2009, to show off the fabulous features of the VS-700 / REAC system and to get a nice tan.

The traffic here was heavy, despite the rumor going around that less than 50% of registered attendees showed up this year as compared to last. If the economy is bad, you’d never know it standing in there!

Many integrators, consultants and representatives were there checking out the VS-700 / REAC system and loving it! Many people were pleased to see Cakewalk with the V-Studio 700 system in tow. Everyone wanted to hear the VS-700 story and how it came to be. Important people from all around the world attended, ranging from Saudi Arabia to Toronto. These people were excited to see SONAR and REAC in action right before their eyes.

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Configuring the ACT MIDI Controller Plug-in

Setting up Active Controller Technology (ACT) with your software through the ACT MIDI Controller plug-in requires 6 basic steps. This tip will take you through 6 essential steps:

– Enabling the correct MIDI input driver for your controller/surface.

– Enabling the ACT MIDI Controller plug-in in the Controllers/Surfaces dialog.

– Loading the correct preset in the control panel of your hardware controller/surface.

– Opening the ACT MIDI Controller property page, selecting the name of your controller/surface in the Presets window, and enabling the Active Controller Technology Enable button.

– This step is optional if your controller/surface has a preset in the ACT MIDI Controller property page (not optional if your controller/ surface doesn’t have a preset): Mapping knobs and sliders on your controller/surface to cells in the ACT MIDI Controller property page.

– Optional: Mapping the cells in the ACT MIDI Controller property page to various parameters in your effect and synth plug-ins.

Watch the More Reasons to Love SONAR- ACT Part 1 & 2 tutorials

Use our Step by Step Guide to Configure ACT with your MIDI controller

Choosing The Right Audio Hardware For Your Computer

Cakewalk makes setting up your computer for audio production easier as our software products are designed to work with any audio hardware that supports standard Windows drivers; providing you with the widest range of hardware choices available. These day’s its common for the audio device to be built into your PC’s motherboard, which is commonly referred to as an integrated audio device, such as a MME or WDM.

Whether your PC came with an integrated device or has an actual audio card installed by the factory, the results are about the same. These devices are usually designed for very basic media playback, such as playing an audio CD or listening to MP3 files. We’ve created the What Audio Hardware Do I Need? guide to help you find the audio hardware best-suited for your Cakewalk-based recording system.

Suave Wins One Stop Shop's V-Studio 100 Rap Battle

Congratulations to the winner of One Stop Shop’s SONAR V-Studio 100 Rap Battle!

He’s one half of the production team The Insurgenz and a quadruple threat when it comes to making a hit. His singing, rapping, songwriting and beat-making are second to none. Though he hasn’t found a major placement yet, he has all the tools to make an impact in the major leagues!

Suave has been part of multiple collaborations with independent artists such as SKS, C-One and X.O. VINO, just to name a few. In 2009, the 30 year old Miami native hopes to finally get the attention he deserves. Big Time Beats and a new marketing plan will catapult him to the top of the food chain. Winning our One Stop Shop Beat Battle is just the beginning!

“I was totally impressed with the V-Studio 100. Everything ran like clock work… and I used SONAR in the past. It’s a monster.”

Suave says, his only influence is ‘good music’, but some of his favorites are Michael Jackson, Outkast and T.I.

Watch the video below to see Suave and the finalists lay down some sick beats:

Special Offer: Summer of Synth 2009

Through Thursday July 23, registered Cakewalk customers can save BIG on our most popular virtual instruments. Whether you’re looking to increase your sonic arsenal, freshen up some tired sounds, or simply up your soft-synth game, the Summer of Synth promotion is a great way to do just that and save big at the same time.

Visit our online store to see how much you could save on sounds this summer with Cakewalk!

SONAR Illuminates the Sounds of a 'Blind X-perience'

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be somebody different? To walk the proverbial ‘mile’ in someone else’s shoes? One organization, based in Hong Kong, is giving visitors an experience they could have never imagined!

Four years ago, David Begbie (DJ by preference) and the CrossRoads Foundation began an interactive crusade to educate the well-off on the life challenges of the less fortunate by placing people in simulated ‘Life X-periences.’ With props and sound effects, Begbie recreates the plights of living in a third world country, battling a deadly disease, walking the streets as a prostitute, and more.

One X-perience in particular, guides visitors around darkened rooms where sound and touch are the only senses they can rely on. Aptly named, the ‘Blind X-perience’, the visitors feel for props and listen to sounds of an African village. At the center of these X-periences is Cakewalk’s audio sequencer SONAR, delivering a series of sound cues for the different scenes.

Take a look at Pro Audio-Central’s article on the CrossRoads Foundation’s Life X-periences to learn more about this enlightening exhibit.

The UA-1G Is 'A JamGasmic Must-Have'

Long-time gadget enthusiast and avid audiophile, David Flowers wants you to know that Cakewalk’s UA-1G is no joke! With it’s simple design and many capabilities, the UA-1G has captured David’s attention. Check out his review to see why the UA-1G is a perfect companion for your home studio.

Click here for David’s review at

MIX Magazine: V-Studio 700 Brings Pro-Level DAW Control to Musicians

Pick up the latest issue of MIX Magazine to see an extensive review of the complete SONAR V-Studio 700 system. Engineer and MIX contributor, Tony Nunes, tests the SONAR V-Studio 700 in his home studio and during a commercial studio tracking session.

For testing purposes, Nunes interfaced the SONAR V-Studio 700 with a machine running a 32-bit Windows Vista Ultimate operating system powered by 3GHz Intel Core Extreme CPU Q6850 with 4GB of RAM. He also installed the latest software and firmware updates to ensure that the system’s various parts would work at the greatest potential in each environment.

Read the full review to get a closer look at SONAR V-Studio 700’s control surface (V-700C), the I/O and Roland Fantom VS Synth (V-700R), and digital audio workstation (SONAR 8 Producer). Here’s a few of our favorite quotes from Nunes’ stellar review:

“The V-700C is a full blooded control surface that’s tightly integrated with SONAR. Top features include EQ and plug-in manipulation… The V-700C’s faders are a step above the rest with unique features such as Channel Branch mode and locking faders.”

“The V-700R is a solid 24-bit/192 kHz USB interface with a plethora of inputs and outputs that sound clean, detailed and unbiased… the expandable Roland Fantom VS Synth is attractive to keyboardists and saves CPU load.”

“Plug-in manipulation was a breeze with ACT, which brilliantly mapped SONAR’s TL-64 and VC-64 plug-ins to the Channel Strip control section. I also appreciated how quickly I could access all the different SONAR views from the Access Panel, while the T-Bar combined with SONAR’s X-Ray kept my plug-ins from cluttering up my screen’s real estate.”

ALSO Check out this cool interactive SONAR V-Studio 700 graphic!