SONAR X1 on a Mac? Yes, you can!









A question I am frequently asked is, “Do you guys make SONAR X1 for the Mac?” The answer to which is no, SONAR X1 is made for Windows. But do not despair, there is a solution! For Macs with Intel processors there’s an application called Bootcamp which will allow you to install the Windows operating system on your Mac.Unlike some of the other applications that allow you to run Windows inside the Mac OS, Bootcamp allows you to boot exclusively into Windows or Mac OS on startup. This is the optimal method of running Windows as all of the Mac’s resources are available.

Applications like Parallels for Windows run the Windows OS inside the running Mac OS. While this is fine for low priority apps like Windows Office, the sharing of resources between the operating systems makes running DAW software cumbersome and difficult at best. I personally ran into this situation last month while attempting to install SONAR X1 on a Macbook Pro using Parallels for Windows.

Another issue is the fact that Parallels only allows for the use of stereo audio devices. Running SONAR X1 within the Parallels environment was pretty much impossible due to only being able to allocate 1.5GB of ram from the 4GB available. Any attempts to allocate more ram to Windows resulted in both OS’s freezing up. After using the Bootcamp method and reinstalling Windows, SONAR X1 runs great with no noticeable issues!

It’s worth noting that due to the occasional complexities and unknowns of running Windows audio drivers on Mac hardware, Cakewalk does not provide official support for SONAR X1 on Bootcamp. However, many customers report success using this method and free peer-to-peer support is available through our user forum.

So for those of you who have been missing out, the time is now to see what all the noise is about! Experience SONAR X1 in all of its pure 64-bit glory! Take advantage of Cakewalk’s competitive  crossgrade offer to SONAR X1 Producer now!  Visit us online for more information about the world of SONAR.