Cakewalk Artists on Both PC and Mac Are Off to an Enormous 2012

Cakewalk Artists on Both PC and Mac are off to an Enormous 2012

We are well on our way into 2012 and many artists relying on various Cakewalk products are off to an enormous year.  I’ve been fortunate enough to have spent some time with most of these artists recently, and even more fortunate to have worked with a few in some creative capacities using SONAR X1 in the recent past.  There are some common threads that these artists share, but I think the most important element is that they are all working ridiculously hard in their own circles.

Murray Daigle

[Toronto, ONT, Canada]  Murray Daigle is a very talented Canadian Producer/Mixer/Songwriter out of Toronto Canada.  He just relocated to a new space in Toronto and opened a new studio running SONAR X1 Expanded.  A big “congratulations” goes out to him on a “Certified Gold” record for Neverest’s track “About Us” along with a SOCAN #1 Award (co-written and mixed on Cakewalk Sonar X1.)  Murray also produced and co-wrote other tracks on the Neverest release which came out in January and is already working on material for another release later this year.

Cori Yarckin

[Los Angeles, CA and Orlando, FL]  Cori Yarckin is a singer/songwriter based out of Los Angeles, CA and Orlando, FL.  She is signed to Spinning records in Japan where her first record was very well received.  Cori’s new record titled Part of Me will be released in that market this coming March.  Most of the record was produced and mixed in SONAR X1 relying heavily on Cakewalk and Roland technology.  The video for the single “Floating” can be seen here.

TC Spitfire

[Los Angeles, CA]  Congratulations to SONAR X1 Producer Expanded user TC Spitfire who is currently seeing success on the Billboard Dance Chart at #24 with Surrender.  TC is the main engineer, songwriter and producer on Paul Oakenfold’s production team and on any given day is working with top-tiered artists such as Matt Goss, Matt Morris, Jean Baptist and Cher to name a few.  TC has been loving the new modules on the ProChannel such as the ProChannel Concrete Limiter.  “This thing [ProChannel Concrete Limiter] is really popping my mixes out to another level,” TC recently told me at the NAMM show in Anaheim, CA last month.  Another noteworthy tidbit on the sonic info highway is that TC has co-writing credits on one of the new Cher singles that will be released later this year.

Justin Lassen

[Los Angeles, CA and other parts of the world] Congratulations to Composer/Producer/Songwriter Justin Lassen who had tracks on both the score and soundtrack of Underworld: Awakening which is in theaters now.  Justin relied heavily on the new sound engine of the Z3TA+ 2 synth to keep his work unique and innovative (as always.)  Justin has also been very busy with soundtrack work for Tyra Banks’ book release “Modelland” as well as constant remix work for credible artists such as Lights and LowHero DLL.  It’s always refreshing and interesting to see and hear what he is up to and you can find all the info on his blog.  Check out and experience some of Z3TA+ 2’s innovative sounds here

Hollywood Undead

[Los Angeles, CA]  Hollywood Undead is starting in on their 3rd full length studio record this week and will be recording in different studios around LA as well as in their own project studios.  I caught up with J-Dog in Anaheim at the NAMM show and he told me they have been writing a great deal on the road using Rapture and Dimension Pro which they will also use quite heavily on this new record.  He did not say exactly when the new record would be out, but it’s safe to assume we should hear some new songs from them later this year. 

Javier Colon

The winner of NBC’s The Voice and SONAR user Javier Colon has kicked off a new tour in support of his new record.  The tour will take the superstar from coast to coast in some great authentic venues around the country.  I caught up with Javier recently in California and he is excited to get back out on the road and will already begin writing for a new record pretty soon on the road.  I will be in his studio in CT in the near future working with him on SONAR X1 Expanded along with his new V-Studio 700 and should h
ave a good interview up on this Cakewalk blog. 

Luigie Gonzalez:

[Hollywood, CA] Producer/Composer/Mixer/Songwriter Luigie Gonzalez has kicked off the New Year brightly by signing a brand new producer/songwriter deal with Peer Music and also moving into a new space in Hollywood, CA on Sunset Blvd.  I got a chance to catch up with the Grammy nominated producer in his new space a few weeks ago and listened to some new tracks.  I can tell you first hand that this guy is doing stuff in X1 Producer Expandedthat is groundbreaking.  “This whole new FX Chains 2.0 along with the ability to drag and drop anything into tracks has opened up a whole new creative world for me,” Luigie told me in his studio.  “My main reason for using SONAR in the past was for the quality of the sound engine, but now the program itself is just super innovative.”  Luigie is currently working with Christopher Uckermann on two tracks for EMI artist Anahi and in the next few weeks he will be working in both Miami as well as Denmark with various artists.   

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