Enter the Mod Matrix With SONAR X1d

By now you may have heard about the upcoming X1d update which will be free for all registered SONAR X1 customers. And you may have also seen the press release which lists all of the features and enhancements contained in the free update.

However, what you might not have seen is just how insanely cool the FX Chains 2.0’s new Mod Matrix is. OK, since its really just a couple of menus it may not look cool, but what it does is absolutely awesome.

Mod Matrix Inversely Controlling Compressor’s Threshold and Makeup Gain

In case you’re not familiar with FX Chains 2.0, its a feature that’s exclusive to SONAR X1 Producer Expanded which allows you to create combinations of multiple effects and take control of parameters from those effects from a custom, skinable interface.

FX Chains 2.0 before the Mod Matrix

Before FX Chains 2.0 entered the Mod Matrix only a single parameter of an effect could be mapped to a control of an FX Chain. With the red pill firmly in stomach, up to four effect parameters can now be mapped within the Mod Matrix to a single FX Chain control.

Sound confusing? Don’t worry, its really not.

Thanks to a handy feature called Touch Learn, effect parameters are automatically mapped to FX Chain Controls simply by moving them. And there’s even a menu option that lets you set Start and End values for mapped controls based on their current setting within the effect.

For example, and as shown in the picture at the top of the post, you can have a single knob of an FX Chain turn down the Threshold of a Compressor while it turns up the Compressor’s Makeup Gain, all within unique, specified ranges for each of the Compressor’s mapped controls.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Around X1d’s release we’ll have in depth web pages and videos which explain it all through, text, pictures, and sound examples.

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