Softube's Mix Bundle for SONAR X1 Producer Expanded's Pro Channel delivers the goods at NAMM

Softube’s new Mix Bundle for the Pro Channel in SONAR X1 Producer Expanded includes five awesome sounding modules that will make your mixes come alive!

In addition to three distinctly different EQs (Passive, Active and Softube’s own creation the Focusing EQ), the Mix Bundle has the TSAR-1R reverb and a great FET Compressor. I used these two modules for my demos at this year’s NAMM Show and I wanted to share my experience with them this week.

First off, let’s talk about the TSAR-1R reverb. Softube has developed this reverb using a True Stereo Algorithm that sounds very natural and modern. Because it sounds so sweet on anything you put through it, it has quickly become my “go to” reverb for drums and vocals. The controls are simple: two sliders for Predelay and Time and two knobs for wet/dry mix and output. As a cool added feature there’s a selection for the reverb’s “color” with choices of Bright, Neutral and Dark on tap.

I used this module in an unconventional way in my demo to create a funky syncopated rhythmic effect on a drum loop in the Matrix View. After inserting the TSAR-1R into the Pro Channel for the drum loop, I turned the Predelay all the way up and chose a small room size on the Time setting. Leaving the Color setting at Neutral, I dialed in a %75 wet setting and ran the loop through it. What resulted was a really cool almost reverse reverb effect that added a counter rhythm to the original loop. The reverb also added space to the loop which made for a wider spread in the stereo field. Try it out with a basic beat, experiment with the Time and Mix settings and see what new adventures in rhythm await!

The Softube FET Compressor is modeled after a classic solid state compressor and they really put in the work by modeling EVERYTHING. The input and output stages, gain reduction feedback loops, bias differences of different transistors, the “All buttons in” mode, yeah, everything. And their efforts were not wasted at all as this is one sweet sounding compressor.

In my NAMM demo I used drum loops in the Matrix View from several different sources. Rather than taking the time to change the volumes of each individual loop to one uniform level, I ran the loops through the FET Compressor and set the ratio to the “All buttons in” mode. With a super fast attack (20 microseconds), this mode is great for handling the hard-fast transients in drums like the ones in my project so all my loops came out with an even, powerful volume. I also used this method to tame the levels on some samples of dialog with awesome results!

The Softube Mix Bundle for SONAR X1Producer Expanded is available now for download.

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