Why you should use "Scan VST Plug-ins On Startup" in SONAR X1. Really.

You’ve seen it before. That painful scanning procedure on startup that makes many DAWs seemingly take forever to let you start actually making music with them. Is it a necessary evil? I mean without it you wouldn’t have all your plugins available to you.

Or would you?

SONAR X1 has a very sophisticated and clever mechanism that only scans your plugin folders for changes – and it does this with incredible speed. In fact, it’s almost imperceptible. With “Scan VST Plug-ins On Startup” checked in SONAR’s preferences you get the best of both worlds; newly installed plugins ready and available and yet a blazingly fast startup time without the painful wait of other DAWs. Who wants to wait for an excruciating VST plugin scan when all you want to do is rock?

Here’s how to do it:

Under “VST Scan Options” in SONAR X1’s Preferences (HINT: Hit “P” on your qwerty keyboard for a shortcut)

1) Check “Scan for VST Plug-ins On Startup”

2) Leave “Re-scan Failed Plug-ins” unchecked

3) Leave “Re-scan Existing Plug-ins unchecked

It should look something like this:

If you set things up this way you won’t ever have to worry about a newly installed VST plugin or ProChannel module not showing up and being available to you. It will all happen automatically.

But you also won’t have to worry about the painfully antiquated full scan procedure so many DAWs (and their users) suffer from when booting up the program to make music.

If you aren’t yet a SONAR user and would like to start making music when inspiration strikes, check out the SONAR X1 line of professional music software and see what you’ve been missing.