10 Reasons to Get Up and Running with SONAR X1 Producer

Running in SONAR X1 Producer

To celebrate Marathon Monday here in Boston and our MARATHON Sale at the Cakewalk Store, here are 10 great reasons you should be running SONAR X1 Producer today.

1. Begin with Better Training: Cakewalk has prepared free SONAR X1 training videos for every skill level on the SONAR U channel of CakeTV. Learn everything you need to know to get running quickly.

2. Take Your Qualifying Trial: Don’t believe us that SONAR X1 Producer is ahead of the pack? Try the new Skylight interface and ProChannel free for 30 days. Download the SONAR X1 Producer Free Trial.

3. Get Equipped with Windows 7:  Learn more about the efficiency improvements in Windows 7 and How it will effect your music production.

4. Run Faster with SONAR X1 on
64-bit: In 2005 SONAR became the first DAW to support the 64-Bit Windows environment natively.  Learn more about Running SONAR X1 on 64-bit Windows.

5. Run Steady:
SONAR X1 is rock solid and even better than ever with the performance enhancing boost of the free SONAR X1d update.

6. Faster Editing with Smarter Tools: SONAR’s tools have been completely revamped for X1. Most functions are now performed with a single implement that switches automatically based on context. This dramatically speeds up editing and arranging by eliminating the need to constantly switch tools. Learn more about editing with Smart Tools.

7. Smoother Mixing with the ProChannel and Free Presets: Available exclusively in SONAR X1 Producer, the ProChannel expands SONAR’s already impressive console with big, epic, pro-studio sound built right in to every channel.  Plus download and share custom presets for your ProChannel including emulations of legendary channel strip setups used by professional producers and engineers for decades.

8. Limitless Inspiration: With thousands of Loops, Presets, Instruments and Effects in SONAR X1 Producer there are endless sound possibilities to inspire your next project.

9. The Award Winning Skylight Interface: SONAR X1 was the 2012 EM Magazine Editors’ Choice for “Extreme DAW Makeover” thanks to the dramatic workflow improvements in the new Skylight interface.

10. No Better Time
: All registered Cakewalk customers save an additional 26.2% on SONAR X1 Producer Upgrades, SONAR X1 extras and much more. Just use Promo Code MARATHON on the Cakewalk Store through April 30th.