Take control of your tempo with SONAR's Audiosnap, Available in X2 Producer and studio

SONAR X2’s AudioSnap engine and tempo analysis features give you unprecedented non-destructive rhythmic and tempo control over your audio. Employing sophisticated transient detection technology, the AudioSnap engine automatically analyzes all recorded and imported audio files for rhythmic content to determine where the beats are in the music. 

Included in X2 Producer and Studio, AudioSnap is perfect for musicians of any skill level. A super-friendly interface lets you easily correct drum and instrument timing, replace drum sounds, create remixes and more. Set any audio to the tempo of your project, or change the tempo or timing of all the audio in your project – all while retaining phase coherency and superior audio quality.

AudioSnap will solve all of your audio-timing woes making short work of tightening up the feel of a drum part; fine-tuning the synergy between bass guitar and drums; trying out different tempos for your entire project, and especially shines when working with remixes, dance, or electro music. In addition, rendered audio fidelity is greatly improved using the Radius Mix Advance Mode.

The AudioSnap Palette presents all commands and options in one easy-to-read toolbar.

Simplified transient marker appearance reduces visual clutter and enhances focus on relevant information.

Transient Tool allows for dragging or snapping of transients without having to worry about inadvertently moving an audio clip; lasso selection allows for grouped transient edits.

Copy transients as MIDI notes to enhance or completely replace drum sounds and more.

The Merge and Lock transients command is great for editing, stretching, and quantizing multi-track drums while keeping audio in phase.

Grouped proportional stretching allows for the easy correction of fluctuations in the tempo of a performance without losing feel.

Tab to Transients available from the Track and Piano Roll Views, follows Audio, Groove, Step Sequencer, and MIDI Groove Clips.

Tempo detection, tempo mapping, and tempo syncing audio. New tempo detection algorithm auto-detects the tempo of all audio in SONAR and the Clip Tempo Map feature allows for easy manual tempo mapping of non-rhythmic, non-constant, or atypical audio.

Enhanced fidelity with Radius Mix Advanced Mode: Radius Mix settings improve “pitch coherence,” which preserves the naturalness of timbre in human speech, vocals, reed and brass instruments.

Learn more about AudioSnap in SONAR X2’s Online Documentation

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