Free MultiTrack Drum Loops And New Drum Kit From Smart Loops

Smart Loops is giving away one of it’s MultiTrack loop libraries completely free through February 28th.  Smart Loops have done the hard work for you – recording superb sounding drum tracks.  The great thing about MultiTracks is that you the option of using these loops as a stereo mix or choosing only the parts you need.  This allows you the ultimate control of your mix.

Download SL MultiTracks [MT01] Medium Straight Rock 1 for free and shop other SL MultiTracks titles for just $14.99.

New Drum Kit For Session Drummer 3

When you need even more control, you can also get the high quality drum sounds of Smart Loops for Session Drummer 3. This kit was performed, recorded, and mixed by Frank Basile who has played on more than 1000 recording sessions and is officially endorsed by Pearl Drums. All samples in the SL Aggressive Kit are 24-bit, 44.1kHz WAV. Includes separate SFZ files for each kick, snare, tom, cymbal, and hi-hat variation for easy creation of custom Kits and Program files in Session Drummer 3.

Download the Aggressive Kit for Session Drummer 3