SONAR X3 Quicktip: Gating unwanted noise using the NEW logical gate/expander GX622

Using the new Blue Tubes Logical Gate/Expander you now have yet another incredible tool for your day to day projects. A pretty common problem that happens when recording an entire band is noise bleed from other instruments when one stops and another is still playing.  In this particular case there is quite a bit of drums leaking  in the quiet parts between chord stops of this piano part.  Some would argue that throwing a Gate on there can make your signals sound robotic and choke your signal if not set correctly. So, let’s go through a step by step way of setting up your Gate setup correctly.

  • First start with all of your controls turned to their lowest settings

  • The Range parameter should be turned up all the way

  • Next adjust the Threshold until you can hear the noise floor/other instruments begin to disappear

  • Afterwards, adjust your Attack, Hold and Decay parameters to shape the way the Gate attenuates the unwanted noise, how long it stays open for, and how fast the gate closes.

  • Faster settings will give a robotic feel so make sure to smoothen out any rigid sounds by making Attack and Decay a bit longer.

As a rule I always set the Gate’s threshold first, the Attack and Decay settings next, and then Range so that some of the Gate signals still come through.  This Range setting is what allows this module the name Gate/Expander.  By setting Range anywhere below its highest adjustment, the attenuated unwanted noise between chord hits reduce in volume instead of disappearing all together.

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