Hidden Gem: The Blue Tubes Stereo Imager [SONAR X3 Studio & Producer]

Now in SONAR X3 Studio and Producer we’ve included a wonderful hidden gem.  The Blue Tube Stereo Imager is a spatial plugin that allows you to widen and narrow out your mixes with a simple slide from left or right.

This type of effect can be useful in situations where you need to A-B mixes quickly in mono.  Some one would say “I can just use the pan pots or stereo interleaved switch” but the beauty of this plugin is that you could use this plugin in both a musical and technical fashion.

  • Automate and adjust this plugin’s main parameter values without sacrificing your pan pot’s automation lanes.

It’s quite frustrating when you have to go in and adjust your main pan pots when they are getting used for automation purposes. This plugin narrows and widens your stereo image by design so it’s the perfect remedy if you are one to use a lot of panning automation in your mixes.

  • Ever want to incrementally sum a song to mono for a musical effect, or slowly introduce a widening effect?  Well you’ve found your new favorite plugin for the job.

The Stereo Imager starts to throw your image out of phase as you increase the width parameter. This effect can be quite convincing for EDM producers and sound designers.

Learn more about SONAR X3 here.