What Customers Are Saying About SONAR X3 [User Reviews]

Cakewalk has been blessed with an extremely loyal user fan base. As a result, each new SONAR release brings a wave passionate users who line up to get their hands on the powerful new toys or feature updates they have been requesting.

But, understandably, there are also many customers who prefer to not rush into their SONAR Upgrade.  If you are reading this post you might be one who is holding out to see what people are saying on the Cakewalk Forums, Facebook, & Twitter.


On Twitter

@Full_Metal_Chef – @CakewalkInc SONARX3 is amazing!!!

@SarahSchonert – Gonna settle in with the headphones soon for a night of mixing… @CakewalkInc I’m loving my SONAR X3 Producer!

@DanielLeSaux – @CakewalkInc Not sure what the Bakers did but X3b runs even smoother than X3a. Thanks guys!

@garethcoker – @CakewalkInc best thing is the save time on v.large projects is (somehow!) DRASTICALLY reduced. And yeah, it just ‘feels’ smooth.

@AudioTechnologyWith every update of SONAR, Cakewalk Software stuffs in a whole bunch of new goodies. SONAR X3 is no exception.

@cdmblogs – Edit audio as fluidly as MIDI, and then some, in the DAW. http://t.co/ddqwg3LBHG

@VSTparty – New @Cakewalkinc SONAR X3 to offer unlimited MIDI and Audio tracks. A consumer DAW to rival Garage Band?

On Facebook

Chris Benner – X3[b] is already rock solid on my end… best SONAR to date!

Ben Weeks – Unlimited tracks! You kick Pro tools asssss!

Ken Quigley – VST3…Finally…Awesome!!!

Kakak Vox – SONAR X3 wow, amazing I love it.

Lane Gaffney – LOVE the new VST organization!

DeRon KU McElveen – Been a SONAR user for 8 yrs. the new software is the top of the line. No DAW can compare.

Leighton Morrell – The ProChannel has to be one of the BEST features of any DAW. Great sounds.

Gary VanderHaeghe – Just the addon’s are worth more than the update cost and are phenomenal, going from x2a producer to x3b producer was a huge improvement if you can believe that as x2 producer was already a fantastic work tool.

Bobby Cox – X3 is brilliant. So far, for me, very stable. This update [X3b] is a nice bonus to help fix some little bugs. Much appreciated.

On the Forums

X3 is wonderfully smooth and stable so far on my rig, definitely feels like the dev team finally got some time to sweep out the corners and do all the itty-bitty fine-tuning. – …wicked 

Though I have not purchased X3 yet (Next Monday I Hope), I want to thank The Bakers for adding the Spectrum Analyzer to the already wonderful Quad EQ… Something I’ve wanted for a long time. – Keni

I applaud Cakewalk for releasing a great product in X3, their willingness to support it with patches, and the very obvious renewed commitment to being responsive to users. – neirbod

We have a really solid product that really has had some blood, sweat, tears as well as users who have made great suggestions. – Danny Danzi

I have used Cubase and PT a lot, as well as Studio One and Reaper, but only for work, when I have to. SONAR is the DAW I recommend to people, and the one I use by choice. – jb101

X3 without a doubt is solid and my fav version of SONAR. – djjhart

I keep being amazed by Melodyne (and the ARA integration). I hummed a bass line (and my humnming is iffy at best!!), dropped it into a track with Cakewalk SI bass, and it all worked beautifully. – 3dmus

In all my versions of cakewalk products from PA9 to X3 I’ve never had a single feature change the way I work like “comping mode”. It’s like working on tape machine in a futuristic fantasy world.  In the past I used to have a very long handed way of punching in but now it’s crazy how fast I can work. […] I’m already more than pleased with where the software has gone with this version. – wmb

I feel like whether anyone else has formally recognized it loudly or not: Cakewalk have come through BIG TIME with this release. – groove


Music Radar

#3 / 10 – Smoothness: “OK, we’ll admit that this one is bit subjective, but we aren’t the only ones who’ve noticed it. Users on forums across the net have been reporting the same thing: SONAR X3 is smooth.”

#10 / 10 – Comping:  “The new Comping function refines the idea to near-perfection.”

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