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SONAR X3 videos

Looking to expand your SONAR X3 knowledge? We’ve got you covered with three brand new video tutorials. Whether you are looking for a comprehensive look at SONAR X3 or just need in-depth knowledge on the new features, we have a solution that is right for you.

Groove3 SONAR X3 Explained Video: SONAR X3 is here with many new features and functions, and SONAR guru Eli Krantzberg takes you from beginning to end, showing how to unleash the true power of this fully featured, cutting edge DAW.

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SWA SONAR X3 New Features video: In this new series of videos, SWA’s Karl Rose takes an in-depth look at SONAR X3’s new features and plugins. These complement SWA Complete SONAR X2, updating the changes and adding the new features.

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Groove3 SONAR X3’s New Features In-depth video: SONAR X3 brought many new features to Cakewalk’s flagship DAW. Do you want to really know them inside and out? SONAR guru Eli Krantzberg blitzes and sacks them all in this in-depth series dedicated to SONAR X3’s new features and functions.

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