21 Reasons to Check Out Addictive Drums ADPaks

Listen to some of these incredibly recorded ADPacks that are now available on the Cakewalk Store.

Vintage Dry

1. Late 70’s

2. Clean Shave

Session Percussion

3. Gentle Crush

4. Fi Funk


5. Gayeish

6. Ludvig Vistalite 22 Kick Kit

Reel Machines

7. Current Value E

8. Patrick Siech Friedrichshaus

Modern Jazz Sticks

9. Jazz Cat Kit No OH

10. Late Show Jazz Kit


11. Gothenburg

12. Roomy Metal Kit


13. Make Up Artist

14. Spike Spent Indie 4


15. Gatey 80

16. Smack Room Funk Kit

Black Velvet

17. Face it!

18. Jagz Pitch

19. RockKit

Modern Jazz Brushes

20. Modern Tight Brush Kit

21. Premier Jazz Brush Kit with Comp

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