Free Download: White Knuckle Bass Presets for TH2 Producer

I sat down with some of my best session players to collaborate on 50 presets for TH2 Producer that are sure to add some grit to your low-end instruments. It’s no secret that my passion is mostly in the Rock and Metal world of music and I’ve felt that Bass doesn’t get enough love in those genres. Below are 5 examples from the Free Download that outline some great Rock and Metal lead, rhythm, clean, and ambient effects and I would definitely pull out of my bag of tricks for a record.

1. Pick Rhythm

Here’s a style of playing called “Djent” that has been popular in the last couple years. Typically this sound is done with down-tuned guitars but why not just use a bass? I’ve double-tracked this recording to give a wider sound.

2. Designer

Here’s a delayed phaser effect – perfect for bass interludes and solo bass acts.

3. Dual Delayed Cabs

This preset was more or less inspired by Justin Chancellor’s playing in the Rock band TOOL.

4. Interrupting Chipmunks

This is a experimental preset that uses the Time algorithms on TH2’s delay unit.

5. Messy Rock

Another high-gain bass distortion for those times when the guitarist takes a lead or just isn’t cutting it with their tone.

Download the Free White-Knuckle Bass Presets for TH2 Producer.