AD2: Pitch Envelopes and much more than just drum samples

by Dan Gonzalez

Yes, that’s right. You may think that Addictive Drums is just a simple sample player but it’s actually an impressive tool for sound design. XLN Audio has the program set so that you can only use the sounds they publish. BUT, the engine that processes these sounds is so powerful that you can virtually get any sound you could ever need from the drums they supply.

Next time you are in Addictive Drums check out the Edit section within this program and brace yourself. There are tons of different options for maiming your Addictive Drums sounds.

My favorite tool within this view is the “Pitch Envelope”  that sits to the left of  the Volume Envelope in both Addictive Drums 1 and Addictive Drums 2. This allows you to control the pitch of the sound as it changes over time and it sounds GREAT! You can easily turn your stand rock kit into an electronic kit or vice versa. Throw it across your Toms to create that 80’s synth pop sound that you’ve been searching for all this time. Or get experimental with it and invent a new piece of music that relies heavily on the modulated pitch of the percussion passages.

Take a regular snare drum and check out what you can do.

Thicken up your snare drum hits.


Add more attack to your snare hits.

Or, flip over to the new Tone Designer (Addictive Drums 2 only) and tweak your snare hits to perfection.


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