Meet the Bakers: Dan Gonzalez

It was right about ninth grade when I first started getting into playing guitar. Before that I was all about the Clarinet until 8th grade – when I rebelled for a couple years and didn’t want anything to do with school band. It wasn’t until I entered my Junior year of highschool when I realized that there could be benefits to playing a wind instrument as well as a stringed. So, I joined a the choir, jazz, the string orchestra (upright bass), and directed the marching band during football season.

I figured the best way to show Berklee College of Music that I was serious about attending was to join every possible musically inclined course that my highschool had to offer. High School was where I met a few guys in a group that would eventually become “The Deadstation”. I help them out with various things from time to time and even played bass and then subsequently guitar for the group years ago. The guys in this group played a huge role in my development as a musician, even more so than Berklee. I found it important to keep something going outside of the bubble of college life in order to learn as much as possible. If you get a chance make sure to check out their music– it’s quite cinematic:

Berklee was where I figured out that I wanted to do Music Production and somehow be involved in the music industry whether it was on the consumer side or the pro side. I worked on various music projects all related to heavy metal and rock. One of the projects was an instrumental rock group called “Truthseeker” that I engineered and mixed for my final production project:

Truthseeeker: Weightless at Dawn

I eventually went on to produce, mix, and engineer their full length  as well.

Truthseeker: Blue Oblivion

After college I connected with a friend who started working at Cakewalk. I interviewed for the open position and got the job! I worked in Tech Support for a little over a year and a half and then worked myself into Marketing to help deliver the wonderful content that all you readers get to check out every month in our various emails and content posts. So far working at Cakewalk has been an exhilarating experience both in Technical Support and in Marketing. The best thing about working at Cakewalk is that the projects I work on outside of work feed into my knowledge and experience. Other projects I’ve worked on include the following during my time at Cakewalk:

Vrawsche: Entrance

Thrawsunblat: Wanderer on the Continent of Saplings

Michael Angelo Batio – Intermezzo

It’s been a fun ride so far and I can’t wait to bring you, the readers, more and more fun and interesting content.

  • Favorite Movie: Pulp Fiction
  • Years @ Cakewalk: 2.5ish
  • Instrument: Guitar/Bass
  • Preferred Style of Music: Rock, Metal, Electronic
  • Superpower (if you could have one): Speed (The Flash, Quicksilver)
  • Favorite Bands: Days of the New, Nine Inch Nails, Metallica, Jon Hopkins, The Naked and Famous, Alice in Chains, Kimbra