Meet the Bakers: Tara Z

One of the catalysts for starting guitar lessons – me in the Gibson Showroom NYC without a clue how to play!

How did you get started with music?

I’ve actually always kind of fallen into the music scene somehow, which has felt very fortunate! In college I ended up working at the local record store, “The Sound Garden”, which was such an awesome environment to be in. Then when I moved to Boston I was hired to be Cakewalk’s Event Coordinator despite having no musical background.

The Original TLZ Photography

Since Gibson bought Cakewalk I’ve actually started playing guitar! Being surrounded by so many amazing instruments and tons of talented musicians is very inspiring (and also intimidating at times). I have only been playing for a couple months at this point, but being able to generate something that is mildly musical is so satisfying and therapeutic, it has become the driving force for wanting to continue to practice and improve!

I grew up in Rochester, NY but I have lived in Boston for 8 years. I have been at Cakewalk for 6 of those years and the friends I have made through Cakewalk are pretty close to what I would consider my Boston family.

Mia Wallace on Halloween at a karaoke dive with some of the Cakewalk crew!

In addition to doing Events and Marketing at Cakewalk, learning to play guitar, and travelling as much as possible, I’m also a photographer! I shoot mostly weddings and couple’s photography, but I definitely don’t limit myself to that. I have always been the “designated picture-taker” since grade school, and ended up asking for a DSLR for Christmas a few years ago. From there my passion grew and now I’m pretty official:

Crab Daddy Feast with the Bossman at NAMM 2014 on my birthday!!

Favorite Movies: Pulp Fiction, Armageddon, Wedding Crashers

Favorite TV Shows: Seinfeld, Top Chef, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Amazing Race

Years at Cakewalk: 6

Instrument: Guitar-ish

Preferred Style of Music: Old School Rap, Classic Rock, Pop….I will listen to almost anything but tend to prefer music I can sing or dance to! Willing to do dive-bar karaoke any day of the week

Superpower (if you could have one): Teleportation so I can travel everywhere!

Random Facts:

  • If I won the lottery my first purchase would be a photo booth…and then I would travel!
  • I’m a pretty good cook but almost never follow a recipe (which is why I do NOT bake)
  • I can drive stick
  • I’m very good at bar darts, high-stakes connect four, being buoyant in water, finding deals, and buying shoes
  • I love Halloween, theme parties, going to weddings, or any excuse to get dressed up one way or another
  • I am an event planner in all aspects of my life – in addition to work events I also love to plan vacations, weekend trips, fun group outings, parties, and be a hostess