Meet the Bakers: Lars W

Music is something I’ve always loved since I was very young. I played a few different instruments throughout school. In third grade I picked up the Baritone horn in grade school and played that through my senior year or high school in the concert band. As I got older my passion for music and different styles of music grew. In high school I started going to local rock shows which is what made me want to be in a band.

Being on stage and connecting with an audience was something I really wanted to do. That’s when I decided to start playing guitar. Not long after that I ended up switching to the bass after the bassist in my first band quit and that quickly became my primary instrument. The more I played shows the more I started to take music more seriously. What started as a hobby quickly became my life. In my junior year of high school I went to a 4 week workshop on Recording Studio Technology at the New England institute of Art. After spending a few weeks in the studio’s there I was hooked. Going into my senior year I decided I wanted to pursue a career in music production and engineering. So I made that my focus and took just about every music elective I could and then I applied to the New England institute of Art for Audio & Media Technology and got in.

While I was in school I studied with lots of inspiring teachers and made a bunch of great connection through doing internships and going to the AES Convetions and local AES events. About half way through college I started freelancing as an audio engineer working for various different audio companies in the Boston area doing live sound, studio recording and location recording. I graduated from the New England institute of Art in 2007 and not long after graduating I landed my gig at cakewalk as a customer service representative. Since then I’ve expanded into tech support as well.

My favorite part of my job here is working with musicians to help them use our software. It’s a great feeling to share my knowledge and helping the customers resolve a technical issue and get them back on track so they can continue creating their music. I also enjoy the group of people I work with as they are all passionate about music in one way or another and have become great friends as well. In my spare time I still play bass in a local rock band called Blueprint for a Riot with fellow Cakewalker Jon Sasor.

When I’m not playing I still do a lot of freelance audio work on the side. My most recent project was doing a live recording at the Middle East Downstairs for well known hip-hop artist KRS-One. I also still do work in the studio as well and have worked with local artists such as the Liz Borden Band, Craig Range, Katie Stodder, Natali Freed and more. I do sound for live concerts theater productions and corporate functions whenever I can as well.

10 Favorite albums of all time:

Bleach: Nirvana
Thankyou: Stone Temple Pilots
Pinkerton: Weezer
Such Hot Blood: Airborne Toxic Event
Blunderbuss: Jack White
Consoler of the lonely: the Racounteurs
Sgt pepper: the Beatles
The Sound of Madness: Shinedown
Dirt: Alice in Chains
Comalies: Lacuna Coil

Music Genre of Choice: Rock

Years at Cakewalk: 6

Super Power (if you could choose one): Flying

Favorite bands: Stone Temple Pilots, Shinedown, Cold, Nirvana, The Killers