SONAR X3 earns Keyboard magazine's Key Buy award

Key Buy Award

SONAR X3 earns Keyboard magazine’s Key Buy award
What happens when a former Pro Tools and Cubase user puts SONAR X3 to the test? Well that’s exactly what Keyboard magazine reviewer Brian Hardgroove (Public Enemy, Bootsy Collins) did, and the result was a Key Buy award for SONAR X3. In the review he concludes that “SONAR X3 is a mature, vibrant program that’s a pleasure to use. As far as I am concerned, there’s no looking back.”

Ease of use: “After working with SONAR X3 Producer since its release, I’ve become a convert. DAWs are always subjective and personal choice, but SONAR made complete sense to me — sort of like trying on shoes that don’t need breaking in.”

Workflow: “Beyond the ease of use, SONAR X3 puts the fun back into recording for me. Part of that is the stability and freedom from freezes — I didn’t have to fight the program or my computer, which helps. The workflow is painless, so the experience became all about making music.”

Comping: “What makes this special is how fast and smooth the whole process is.”

Melodyne Essential and ARA integration: “SONAR blew my mind when I found out I could drag an audio bass part into Melodyne and convert it into MIDI, creating instant doubling of bass guitar lines with synth bass Continue reading “SONAR X3 earns Keyboard magazine's Key Buy award”

SONAR 8.5 Goes Above & Beyond Typical Update

New features screenshotTo upgrade or not to upgrade? That is the question for many SONAR users concerning the latest product release, SONAR 8.5. Although, it’s not your typical point release, Craig Anderton calls version 8.5 “another welcome step forward, it delivers more than it promises”. With its new tools for creativity and added support for Windows 7, SONAR 8.5 gives today’s musicians the best recording environment at an affordable price.

A long-time SONAR user, Anderton gives his reasons why SONAR 8.5 is an ‘overachieving’ point upgrade in his latest review for Keyboard Magazine.

Keyboard Magazine Recognizes SONAR V-Studio 700 With 'KeyBuy' Award

Pick up the latest issue of Keyboard Magazine at your local newstand to see Craig Anderton’s exclusive review on the SONAR V-Studio 700 system. Five whole pages are dedicated to a product walkthrough complete with numbered images, a ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ chart, a ‘what you need to know’ guide, and information on the new SONAR 8.3 update.

Here’s a few quotes from the article:

“I like to mix, not just click, and I’ve been using motorized fader boxes with SONAR for years, but this custom controller is orders of magnitude better”

“Buying similar components separately would cost the same or likely more, and they wouldn’t form this well-oiled a machine right out of the box… V-Studio 700 is way better than it should be for the price” – Craig Anderton

Also, Keyboard Magazine presented SONAR V-Studio 700 with a “KeyBuy’ Award for outstanding musical instruments and music technology products. According to Keyboard, a product music meet the following criteria to win such recognition:

1) It represents a genuine technological breakthrough
2) At press time, it’s the best product in its class
3) It offers bang-for-buck that’s better than what anyone would expect

Thank You Keyboard Magazine for the honors!