Summer of SONAR–Here's the 2017.06 Update

After a burst of innovation from the SONAR team during the last several months–which brought us:

…we’ve focused this SONAR 2017.06 release on user experience– polishing up and refining all the new features we’ve recently delivered. Here are a few highlights:

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Studio Makeover Month: The Axeman Studio Setup


“The Axeman” is a guitar driven musician that has an appreciation for the heavier side of the music spectrum. He has a solo project they’ve been working on for years and years – slowly perfecting tone, demos, and musical compositions. He is always up for doing freelance work- so it’s important that he has a vast selection of gear and instruments to keep his clients coming back for more.


The gear:

The Axeman has a surprisingly mobile setup for the home studio. He lives a nomadic recording lifestyle because a lot of production these days involves traveling to various musician’s homes to work on preproduction and other intricacies of the record process. His expenses have gone into purchasing a Fractal Audio Axe-Fx Mark II to keep from carting around various Continue reading “Studio Makeover Month: The Axeman Studio Setup”

SONAR X2a coming soon


We are pleased to announce that the SONAR X2a update is almost ready for release and will be available later this month. The SONAR X2a update is free to all registered SONAR X2 users and introduces many new exciting features including:

  • Official Windows 8 support as well as Touch support for Intel-Inspired Ultrabooks and other touch-enabled devices
  • Over 50 UI enhancements and improvements
  • Accessibility support
  • Enhanced Play List experience
  • Enhancements and fixes
  • And more

Stay tuned for more information on availability!

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